A discovery call is right for you if:

  • You are an athlete who is managing a chronic or autoimmune illness and you want to take a new direction in your healing.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed by a health diagnosis that has turned your world upside down and you want to know how you can feel better AND heal your body. 

  • You are confused by all of the conflicting information out there and you don't know where to start or what to do first. 

  • You are managing a health condition that seems to be getting worse no matter what you do (or isn't getting better). You keep taking more medication or eliminating more foods, but you just keep experiencing more and more symptoms. When will it end?!?

  • You are fed up with being sick and tired and are ready to push the reset button on your health!

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  • You know that what you are doing right now isn’t working anymore.

  • You want to be a team player and take aligned, decisive action toward your healing.

  • You want to find something that actually heals your body rather than just covering up your symptoms.

  • You are ready to live your life without being held back by a diagnosis of a chronic or autoimmune illness.

  • You’ve got a sense of humor and you aren’t afraid to use it.


  • You aren't ready to invest in your health.

  • You want a quick fix.

  • You want to take a back seat in your health and have someone just tell you what to do.

  • You can't take a step back and have a good laugh at yourself every once in awhile.

  • You aren't willing to accept responsibility for your actions and behaviors and the impact they have on your health.

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Here’s what you’ll discover during your call: 

  • Uncover what’s stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from healing your body and having the energy you want.

  • Develop a powerful vision for what healing your body and improving your energy will mean for you and how it will impact your life  

  • Get crystal clear on the next steps you need to take on your journey to healing. 


Are you ready to give yourself the gift of health and discover if high-level support is what you need?