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STOP feeling sick, tired, and out of control.

START finding YOUR perfect diet.

Knowing what to eat can feel overwhelming, which is why there are thousands of books and programs telling you what and how to eat.

Have you ever struggled to gain control of your health? Do you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, or digestive issues?
Is your training or lifestyle suffering?

If so, then finding your perfect diet will be life changing for you.

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  • Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

  • Are you exhausted all the time and not sure why?

  • Is you athletic performance suffering because you’re too tried to train?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the information about food and diets available?

One perfect diet doesn’t exist, which is why you haven’t had any luck with following other people’s rules about food.

Fad diets are hard to stick to and aren’t a long-term solution. They might give you a short-term win, but my guess is that you quickly fall back into old patterns and never make any long-term progress.

We are all biochemically unique. We all look different. We all have different personalities. We have different life experiences. So, doesn’t it make sense that we all have different needs when it comes to diet and nutrition?


Enter, the Find Your Perfect Diet course

(notice I didn’t say THE perfect diet?)

People often ask me why I do or don’t eat certain things. My answer is “because it does/doesn’t work for me.”

The reason I can confidently state why I am eating or avoiding certain foods, is because I’ve found MY perfect diet.

My answer to their question isn’t “because it’s not Paleo,” or “because it’s keto.” My diet doesn’t have a label because it’s MY diet. I eat white rice, lots of vegetables, generally avoid gluten, and typically limit dairy. These decisions have all been informed by the same process that I teach you in this course.


Before Found my perfect diet I:

  • Was unable to lose weight (and even slowly gained weight)

  • Suffered from acne for almost my entire life (no one should have zits AND gray hairs at the same time)

  • Suffered from random digestive issues (bloating and stomach aches) that seemed to have no rhyme or reason

  • Was so utterly exhausted that the idea of getting out of bed made me want to cry

  • Struggled to keep a consistent workout routine and was always napping after my workouts

After I Found my perfect diet I:

  • Lost weight at a healthy rate

  • Have clear skin

  • Have reliable digestion

  • Have enough energy to get through my day AND exercise!

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My diet doesn’t have a label And neither Should Yours.

I know that when I eat gluten, it negatively affects my digestion. I also know that I can eat a small amount of gluten once in a while with no obvious negative effects. I know that when I eat certain types of dairy (or too much dairy) that my skin breaks out. I know that my stomach is not a fan of brown rice, quinoa, or corn. I know that most processed sweet treats give me a headache and make me feel like I can’t think straight.

Because I know all of these things, making choices around what to eat becomes easy. I also know when it feels right to deviate from my baseline. It also means that I make up my own rules based on what’s best for my body and my goals, not what someone else has told me will work.

If I’m at a party celebrating something big and someone busts out the cheesecake, I’ll probably have a slice...even if it’s not gluten-free. But, I know how it will make me feel and I’ve made an informed decision to eat it. No more guessing what will happen.

How I will help you find YOUR perfect diet within this course


MODULE 1: INTRODUCTION (5 video lessons)

Topics covered:

  • Does a perfect diet exist?

  • Why do use an elimination diet?

  • What is leaky gut (and why does it matter)?

  • What to expect from this course.

MODULE 2: PLANNING (4 video lessons)

Topics covered:

  • Find your perfect diet prep

  • Reading food labels

  • Eating organic vs. not organic

  • Stocking your pantry.

MODULE 3: ELIMINATE (4 video lessons)

Topics covered:

  • Two different ways to approach this process

  • What foods to eliminate and why

  • Handling slip ups

  • How to thrive instead of just survive this process.

MODULE 4: REINTRODUCE (3 video lessons)

Topics covered:

  • Reintroducing foods

  • Reintroduction schedule

  • How to know if you’re having a reaction to a food.

MODULE 5: YOUR PERFECT DIET (2 video lessons)

Topics covered:

  • What to do if you are still having symptoms

  • How to incorporate what you’ve learned into daily life

Find Your Perfect Diet course screenshots
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Each module also includes journal prompts (a very important part of this process since diet is only one piece of this puzzle).

This course is a step-by-step process that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed like other diet and nutrition plans can.

What you will get with your purchase

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A 45 page, downloadable PDF course guide and workbook and 7 downloadable guides/worksheets

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5 course modules including 18 video lessons

Find Your Perfect Diet Facebook Group

A private Facebook group community where you can ask questions, get one-on-one feedback and help from me, and full of a growing list of additional resources including regular live videos.


Find Your Perfect Diet course students also get lifetime access to the course and any updates that are made to it!


This couse takes you from following somone else's rules about what you should eat, to creating a custom diet specific to you and making YOUR OWN rules about food.

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Stop following other people's food rules and start following your own.




Is there a set schedule for this course or is it self-paced?

This course is self-paced so you can go through it as it fits your schedule. There is a portion of the course that requires a certain amount of time to implement the things that are outlined, but you can start those right away or take your time and wait until you are ready to implement. You also get immediate access to all of the course content as soon as you purchase.

I’m on a strict food budget, will this course still work for me?

Absolutely! There is a whole lesson about food quality and when to put your dollars towards organic food if you are able. While a few of the suggestions for food substitutions may cost slightly more than the food they are replacing, most of those ingredients are not necessary to complete this course. The information in this course is meant to help you find a diet that works for you in all respects (budget included). If you cannot afford (or choose not to spend money on) grass-fed, organic, or pasture-raised foods, you will still benefit from the information in this course.

Do you have a refund policy?

I am confident that the content in this course can help anyone find their perfect diet. Please remember though that diet is only a small (but very important) part of healing. If you complete this entire course and follow the 12 week plan to determine your perfect diet (including the journal prompts and food/symptom tracking recommendations) and you feel exactly the same as when you started the course, then I’m happy to offer you a refund.


Still have questions?

Contact me directly by clicking here. I’m happy to answer any of your questions!

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About the Course Creator:

Hi, I’m Martha!

As a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, mostly Paleo foodie, research and science junkie, endurance athlete, and chronic fatigue survivor I've been on both sides of the playing field when it comes to health, wellness, and healing chronic illness. Helping people to understand what is happening inside their body and how to work with it rather than against it is what I love doing!

I practice a functional medicine approach which means that my approach is holistic. I take into account how all of the systems in your body and all areas of your life affect your health. Total wellness and long-term health is achieved by combining food, movement, and self-care practices in a way that fits you, not doing what worked for someone else.

With over 8 years of clinical experience I have been able to heal my own body and help others heal theirs without sacrificing the things they love.

When I'm not helping other people live happier, healthier lives you can find me reading articles on PubMed for fun, running, hanging out with my dogs, or planning my next adventure to far off places.

Why I created this course:

The number one reasons people seek my help as a nurse practitioner is because they don’t feel well. They’re sick. And tired. One of the first things that we explore is the food they are eating and how it affects the way they feel. In my clinical practice, I realized pretty quickly that most of us don’t actually know how to listen to what our bodies are telling us. We eat things and feel terrible after, but never make the connection that it’s the food that causes the problem. After working with dozens of patients to figure out what foods they needed to focus on and having them tell me what a life-changing experience it was to know exactly what to eat, I decided it was time to share this process with others who can’t come to see me in my clinic (but if you live in Anchorage, AK or want to come visit, I’d love to see you)!