Cutting Sugar Rapidly Improves Health: Weekend Links 7/30

 Weekend link roundup for July 30, 2016

Here's your weekly installment of the most interesting things I read on the internet this week!

Cutting Sugar Rapidly Improves Heart Health Markers // This doesn't surprise me. However, I would be curious about what would have happened if they had swapped "pastries and sweetened yogurts" for fruits and veggies instead of bagels and pizza. I guess it wasn't carbs that they were looking at, just sugar (although carbs are sugar). I suppose it is impressive that they were able to improve cardiovascular health markers by only changing sugar and not overall carb intake. 

Pokemon Go is so Addictive That People Are Getting Way More Exercise Than They're Used To // I'm not a Pokemon Go player, but I love that it's making people get out and move! It's unfortunate that they are glued to their phones and not enjoying the scenery, but exercise overall is more important than looking around I guess. It's also unfortunate that people are trespassing and getting hit by cars because of this game...but at least they are exercising more? 

The Health Risks of "Manscaping," Explained // I don't think that I have a lot of male readers...but you can definitely share this with your male friends... Manscaping puts men at a higher risk of STIs due to tiny cuts on the skin (men are more likely to shave than wax). You've been warned. 

Being Unfit May Be Almost As Bad for You As Smoking // So go play some Pokemon Go. According to this study, poor fitness is worse for you than having high blood pressure or high cholesterol. That's really interesting to me since, in the medical field, we place such high stakes on controlling those things with drugs. 

Cold Brew Coffee Soda Float // Since I'm doing a macro meal plan right now, all the sweet and carby things sound good to me. I won't be making this...but you should.