Supplements Are a Waste of Money: Weekend Links 7/23


Here are some of the most interesting things I read on the Internet this week. As always, grab your coffee and start reading! 

Dietary Supplements Are Mostly a Waste of Money // I agree with this for the most part. Your body does not recognize more supplements as something it needs so it excretes a majority of them as waste. This is why we should be getting our nutrients from whole foods. This does have some great recommendations for what to do if you NEED to take a supplement (such as if you are anemic...although if you didn't read my post on molasses, you should read that, you can use molasses instead of taking iron supplements...tastes better and doesn't make you constipated!)

Consuming Probiotics Promote Weight Loss // I know I just linked to an article that said most supplements are a waste of money, BUT I would put probiotics in a category of their own. There are very few ways to get good bacteria in your gut, and probiotics are probably the most likely and feasible for most. I would recommend fermented foods over probiotic supplements, but I know not everyone loves kraut as much as I do!

Thumb Suckers and Nail Biters May Develop Fewer Allergies // This really doesn't surprise me at all. There's evidence that kid who grow up on farms and kids who eat their boogers also have better immune systems. Gross, but it makes perfect sense. I'm definitely not condoning booger eating though. 

No Health Benefit to Replacing Fat with Carbs // This is not news to me, but it's good to see an actual study to support the idea. Diets that are low in fat are naturally higher in carbs because you have to get your calories from somewhere and most of us do not replace fat with protein. 

Lessons Learned from Exercise // "Exercise isn’t something you do to look good or to compensate for overindulging in junk food. It’s something you should do because it’s an essential human activity." 

How a Dad and Daughter Survived the Alaskan Wilderness // Just a little something to remind you that you are probably tougher than you think. While you may have no desire to battle the Alaskan wilderness (I pretty much do this everyday, from traffic to rerouting my runs because of urban moose and bears...), it's pretty much the same as training for your first race, looking for a new job, or doing whatever you think you need to do to make yourself happy. Just go do it!

Most Insulinogenic Nutrient Dense Foods // I'm all about nutrient density, so if you are going to eat foods that spike your insulin (high carb or sugar foods), you might as well eat ones that have tons of nutrients to go along with your insulin spike!