The Most Amazing (non-workout) Pants

Since I started doing clinical rotations last semester I have been forced to wear what I like to call "real" clothes. For years I wore sweats to work, changed into scrubs, and then wore my sweats home. On my days off I wore the one pair of jeans I owned or just didn't get dressed for the day. When it came time to don professional dress, I had nothing. To solve this problem, I signed up for StitchFix. That got me enough clothes to at least not have to show up to clinical in my sweats. But I was still lacking in the pants department. One pair of black pants and a pair of khaki's that don't fit very well will NOT get you through 500 hours of clinicals.

Back in August when I was in Portland, we happened upon an Athleta store and decided to stop in. Of course I wanted to look at running tights and yoga pants even though I was supposed to be thinking about my professionally dressed future. Luckily I found The Most Amazing Pants ever. They feel like yoga pants, but look like slacks. WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT FROM A PAIR OF PANTS???

athleta pants

(No that's not me in the photo). Unfortunately I don't have a picture of myself in these pants, but I'll tell you that they are comfortable, stretchy, and flattering. I'm not sure what else you need to know, as those are my only criteria for clothing...if you need more I'm not sure I can help you. I did get them hemmed in the store since I have horribly short legs (thanks Dad!) but that is only a minor inconvenience when you consider how comfortable these pants are!

If you've ever dreamed of wearing your yoga pants to work and you aren't a yoga teacher or a gym teacher, then these pants are for you!

Martha RosensteinComment