Episode #7: Should You Be Paleo Forever and Accidental Dieting

Live date: 1/18/18


What's new this week
Should you be Paleo forever?
Are you accidentally dieting?
Symptoms of accidental dieting
How to stop accidental dieting
Aesthetic goals and Paleo

Episode #6: Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance

Live date: 1/11/18


Something I'm loving this week
The science behind metabolic syndrome & insulin resistance
Testing for insulin resistance
Insulin resistance and other hormonal imbalances
Pre-diabetes and diabetes
Eating paleo for metabolic syndrome
Supplements to help manage insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome 

Episode #5: Detoxing and Cleanses

Live date: 1/4/18


  1. Something New I'm Into
  2. What does detox even mean?
  3. What are toxins?
  4. What your liver actually does for a living
  5. How to support your liver
  6. The dangers of detox diets and cleanses
  7. Things do detox instead of doing a detox diet

Episode #4: Managing Chronic Illness & Mindset Mastery with Authentically Nourished Vee

Live date: 12/28/17


  1. Something new Vee is into
  2. Who is Vee?
  3. Discovering Paleo changed her life
  4. Managing chronic illness holistically 
  5. Developing a mindset practice
  6. Body positivity at any size
  7. You are enough

Episode #3: Nutrition Challenges & Personalizing Paleo

Live Date: 12/21/17


  1. Who do nutrition challenges work well for?
  2. Who do nutrition challenges not work well for?
  3. How to transition after a challenge
  4. Personalizing paleo
  5. Being honest with yourself when reintroducing foods

Episode #2: Paleo 101

Live Date 12/14/17


  1. Paleo 101
  2. What is the Paleo diet
  3. Why no grains?
  4. Why no legumes?
  5. Why no refined sugar?
  6. Paleo doesn't have to be low-carb
  7. Making paleo fit your life

Episode #1: Holiday Stress & Staying on Plan

Live Date: 12/7/17


  1. How to indulge without derailing completely
  2. The difference between those who are prone to overeat and those who are not
  3. Tips for managing time and reducing stress at holiday gatherings
  4. Ways to decrease stress around food