worst track workout ever

Yesterday's track workout was kind of a killer.  First I injured myself when we were bunny hopping over tiny hurdles (like a foot tall).  Fortunately it (my back) only hurt while hopping and not while running...however now it hurts a lot all the time...so I'll be resting for a few days.  Don't worry this has happened before, but last time it happened while bending over, at least it was a legitimate "injury" this time!

After warm ups and drills we started our workout.

100m, 100m recovery, 200m, 200m recovery, 300m, 300m recovery, 400m, 400m recovery, 300m, 300m recovery, 200m, 200m recovery, 100m, 100m recovery


As I was starting my 400m sprint I informed the coach that this sucked a whole lost more than last time.  She seemed surprised.  

Here's my times, which I'm not terribly proud of considering my 400m was 20 seconds slower than last week. But I guess you can't be "fast" all the time!

Photo Dec 07, 12 14 03
Also, this is what Kiva thinks about the cold weather...

Photo Dec 06, 17 28 06
She doesn't understand why we can't just go running already (because it's 1 degree out)!  

At least the weather forecast continues to promise improvement on the horizon...

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 12.30.40 PM
(I'm not sure where they got "scattered clouds" from...I don't see any clouds)