worst. dog. ever.

And she knows it...

Photo Mar 24, 17 13 26
This morning I let Kiva outside to go to the bathroom, not realizing that there was a moose standing on the giant snowbank on the other side of our fence (seriously, the thing is at least 8 feet tall).  She barked and it ran off after a moment of sheer terror on my part when it looked like it was going to descend into our yard and crush my dog (in hindsight, that might have been the best thing).  In her attempt to keep up the appearance of being a good dog, she promply came inside after using the bathroom.

Several hours later I let her out again, this time, when I went to open the door to let her in, she was standing on the snowbank...on the other side of the fence.  I'm not entirely sure how she got up there given that we dug a trench around the fence so she couldn't just walk out (seriously, there's so much snow, our fence was like two feet tall).  At this point she decided she was not going to listen to my commands (or my offering of peanut butter...which almost always works), and took off towards the very busy street we live near.  I'm pretty sure she was convinced she was going to catch herself a moose.  I'd be ok with that (because they are tasty) if we were in the woods somewhere.  No suburban moose for me thanks.  

This is not the first time she has done this (hence the trench), but at least the last time she ran away from the busy street.  

I quickly grabbed some treats and her leash, threw on my boots and a jacket and took off after her.  Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.  Some lady had stopped at the light where the busy street was and was trying to catch her and was waving at all the traffic to stop so she wouldn't get hit!  Talk about lucky.  She made it across the street (I would have rather caught her before that, but given all the ways that part could have turned out, I'll take it) and started down her morning walk route.  

She's a smart dog, but luckily her human is smarter.  Since she wasn't listening to me (or falling for my treat lures), I figured I would override her brain and catch her by playing into her instincts.  I started running towards a cul-de-sac and she started chasing me.  After she found something interesting to eat in someones driveway (probably moose poop), I decided I would start throwing snowballs for her.  I actually got her to sit and stay while I picked them up, but she wouldn't let me get close enough to grab her.  Then I noticed that one of the houses we were near had a porch with a fence on one side leading up to their door, so I threw snowballs that way and blocked her escape.  The minute she knew she couldn't get around me, she cowered down and gave up.  Bad dog.  

We are now at home and I am ignoring her.  I think she will have to be tied down in the backyard from now on because I am NOT doing that again.  

Thank you again to the lady in the white pick-up truck who was helping me!  If I ever see you again, I owe you a favor because you probably saved my dog's life!