why I stopped eating non-fat dairy

Fat is an essential part of a functioning human body.  Many people are afraid of it and try not to eat it, which according to some studies (that I am not going to take the time to cite because this is NOT an academic paper, thank goodness, and I can't remember where I read all the stuff I read on the intenet these days), does much more harm than good.  

Basically, your body needs fat.  If you don't eat it, your body doesn't get some of the essential compounds that come from it. Remember, you brain is made up of a lot of fat (like 70%), and the protective covering on your cells (cell membrane) is composed mostly of fat as well.  

Also, remember that when they take the fat out of something, things have to go in to replace it.  When I realized this, I stopped buying non-fat half-and-half.  Seriously, look at the ingredients on a container of non-fat half-and-half.  It's long.  Then look at the list of ingredients on regular half-and-half: milk and cream.  

If you are interested in the evidence...google it.  There are varying views out there, but remember to consider the source when looking at this kind of information!

I've been tracking my food using MyFittnessPal which is free on your computer, phone, and iPad, and I started to notice that I'm consistnely eating a little bit too much protein and not quite enough fat.  So, I stopped eating non-fat yogurt too (and I have always refused to eat non or low-fat cheese...it's gross, and I love cheese).


  • Photo Feb 15, 3 26 51 PM
  • Photo Feb 15, 3 26 59 PM copy
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Photo Feb 15, 3 27 30 PM copy

 I realize that I am not significantly under my fat "goal" for the week, but I realized that eating full fat dairy was not enough to make a significant difference in this graph.  Also, it tastes better and keeps me full longer, so the benefit of eating it (in my mind) outweighs the "risk" of eating too much fat.  

The lesson here, eat a well-balanced diet of whole, real foods!  (I like to call foods that have ingredient lists that I can pronounce and generally understand what all the ingredients are, "real food").  Happy eating!!