while I was sleeping

These are the things I found in my email when I woke up:A photo from "back in the day."  Yes...that's me...yes...that's John...yes...it was SEVEN years ago. John's comment was related to how "attractive" he was back then.  My first thought was oh my god look how skinny we are! This was from the one summer (which amounted to less than three months I think) that I worked for Princess.  I am slightly amazed that I managed to make it into the archives (this was sent to John today by one of the bosses). Then my dad sent me this picture from California.  It's title was "from the deck."  His life is so hard... I'm tempted to take a picture from my deck and send it to him (mostly to make him feel bad).  Although it's sunny here...it's definitely not green...and there's definitely no ocean in my view...just a road...and some dog poo. I also received an email from my good friend Brit.  She is in the midst of compiling a list of names for her unborn child.  I have done some extensive research on her behalf and mostly come up with what she should not name her child.  (Beth...if you're reading this I did even include an article written about Alicia Silverstone before I read your blog.  Seriously...Bear Blu? WTF?) Anyway, she sent me the following email: This lady posted that she is naming her daughter Spartacus Jane.  Do you think she is serious? Given what I've seen while conducting my research...probably.