when do we call the doctor?

I love it when patients (mostly those who have never had a baby before) get admitted to labor and delivery and one of their first questions is, "when are you going to call the doctor to come?"  People...I've got news for you.  The doctor will not be arriving until your baby is well on its way out.  Like, if I can't see it's head, I'm probably not going to call the doctor yet.Yes there are exceptions to this rule, sometimes we call them sooner, but not very often. The real world is nothing like House.  In the real world, the nurses do most of the work and the doctors come and have the glory moment (in my case, catching the baby) and leave.  They rarely sit at the patients bedside or provide actual patient care.  Don't get me wrong, they are good to have around and they can be very useful, but you definitely don't want them sitting around waiting for you to have a baby.  They will get impatient and start meddling where they don't need to. I will call the doctor to come when the time is right...and everything will be just fine.