what's next?

Since I failed miserably at meeting my goal for the Disneyland Half (although, I'm claiming heat stroke, which I had no control over), I'm planning on running another half in October.  

The Zombie Half Marathon is October 12.  I ran it last year (without much training) and it went alright, so I feel like I'm already in a better place than I was last time.  I'm taking a week to recover, then it's back to training for a few weeks.  I was originally looking forward to being done with running for a bit, but I feel good about sticking it out for a few more weeks.  I really want to end the year with a race where I feel like I've done my best.  I definitely did the best I could given the weather at Disneyland, but I know it won't be hot here in October, so I think I'll feel even better about this one.  

Today Kiva and I ran three super easy miles...in the rain.  Which I loved.  Kiva didn't mind the getting wet part...she loves catching rain drops.  She did mind the getting dry part though.  So not impressed.