what we're eating - week of january 21

And by we...I mean me.  John is returning at the end of the week though.  Hooray for going back to making a real dinner every night!

I've pretty much given up on planning at this point since I never quite know how many dinners I'll need.  

This week I'll be eating falafel salad with lemon tahini dressing for lunches along with some leftover bean soup...because I still have leftovers of this one.  

Photo Jan 16, 18 17 21
Thankfully it was good, otherwise eating a whole pot of soup by yourself could be a real chore!

For breakfast I made another batch of Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins (recipe coming soon), but I made it in a cake pan instead of a muffin tin because it's easier to clean and the end result is essentially the same.  Those paired with a smoothie are the perfect breakfast before going to work.

Photo Dec 25, 13 30 35
For dinner I'll be having whatever I can find or can find the energy to make.  Last week cereal served me well.  Tonight I'm making this Millet Bowl with Mushroom Gravy but with rice instead of millet and spinach instead of kale (because that's what I have).  

Next week...a real plan...I promise!