what we're eating the rest of this week and part of next...

Since I was traveling over the weekend, I didn't have a chance to make a menu plan for the official week, but since I will be working for the next five days in a row, I thought it might be smart to make one for those days so I don't starve to death.  

I've taken a different approach to my meals this week since I get very lazy after two or three days of working...so you can imagine what it's like after five.  The situation is also slightly complicated by the fact that John will be gone Saturday and Monday night so I'll have to come up with something on my own!  

I decided to do more prep work on my meals (all of them...breakfast, lunch, and dinner) so I don't get up in the morning and aimlessly wander around the kitchen wondering what I should make for breakfast and lunch (this wastes precious time at 5:30am).  Also, I don't want to come home from work and have to cook myself a whole meal, beacuse the more time I spend cooking and eating the less time I spend sleeping (and if you know me, you know I love my sleep)!

Thursday: Mushroom & Veggie Stroganoff over Cauliflower Mash

Friday:  B - Sweet Potato Hash   
            L - Waldorf Tuna Salad 
            D - Chicken Stir Fry 

Saturday:  B - Oatmeal Minus the Oats
                L - Chicken and veggies with Sunshine Sauce 
                D - leftover Stroganoff 

Sunday:    B - Eggs and chicken sausage
                L - Bacon, Egg, Avocado, and Tomato Salad
                D - Moroccan Meatballs over roasted spaghetti squash 

Monday:   B - Oatmeal Minus the Oats
                L - leftover meatballs and Turkish Chopped Salad
                D - ???

Tuesday:  B - Sweet Potato Hash
                L - Tuna w/ Southwestern Cumin Lime Dressing over lettuce
                D - Fish, roasted broccoli and carrots 

I did all of my shopping this afternoon and then I spent a couple of hours cooking things.  I'm hoping that I can become more efficient and spend less than two hours getting all these things together in the future.  

Here is my list:

Cook chicken
Hard boil eggs
Make Sweet Potato Hash
Make Sunshine Sauce
Roast spaghetti squash
Steam-saute peppers and cabbage 

I put the sweet potato hash in a few separate containers for easy access and then made a list to put on the fridge of what's in there so it doesn't go bad!

  Photo Sep 06, 16 59 07
Photo Sep 06, 16 58 13