what we're eating 7/2 - 7/8

Here's what's going to be on the table this week!

Monday: Taco pasta (I'll be using ground beef instead of chicken, and goat cheese instead of cream cheese) and salad

Tuesday: Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - last time I made these I had a hard time getting the potato meat to mash without ruining the skin and having nothing to put the stuff back into.  This time I think I'm going to slice the sweet potatoes into rounds and roast them, then top them with pizza stuff, more like sweet potato nachos.

Wednesday: Dinner at John's mom's house

Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf (I think I'm going to try making it in the muffin tin for easier use of leftovers)

Friday: Scrambled eggs (John will be in Whittier and I'm working...so I need something easy!)

Saturday: ??? 

Sunday: Baked artichokes and roasted veggies