what we're eating 1/7 - 1/13

John is out of town for this week (and the next three weeks) so there will be significantly less cooking happening in my kitchen.  

I'm going to be eating a lot of smoothies and oatmeal for breakfast since I've discovered that the combination fills me up for longer (a welcome discovery especially on work days).

oatmeal and empty smoothie
B: Smoothie; Oatmeal
L: Leftover Spaghetti Squash Bolognese
D: Broccoli Stir Fry

L: Millet and Brussels Sprout Salad
D: Onion and Lentil Casserole 

B: Smoothie; Oatmeal
L: Leftover Onion and Lentil Casserole; Salad
D: Leftovers 

D: Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry

D: Leftovers

D: ???

D: ??? 

I was hesitant to actually plan something for the whole week because I am afraid I will be drowning in leftovers.  I'm off for several days starting on Thursday, so I'll reevaluate as the end of the week is closer and will go plan and go shopping as the need arises.