what we ' re eating 12/19 - 12/25

I've been into trying new recipes lately, and so far it's worked out quite well.  Last week we had quinoa patties which looked good in the picture on the recipe, but I was unsure of how they would taste.  They were delicious!  The recipe is on my iPad, which is downstairs at the moment, and I'm too lazy to go get it...so I'll post it when I'm less lazy!Here's what we will be eating this week: Mon: Hamburgers on Pretzel Buns (we had burgers on pretzel buns in Hawaii and they were delicious, so I thought I'd try them out at home) Tue:  Sweet Potato Enchiladas - I plan on using regular sausage instead of chorizo - because we have it, and I will make my own enchilada sauce because it's so easy (pretty much put garlic and salt into a can of tomato sauce) Wed: Whatever's In the Fridge Pizza Thur: Beef Stir Fry Fri: Leftovers Sat: Christmas Eve Dinner @ John's mom's house Sun: Christmas Dinner @ my dad's house