what ' s for dinner? binder

I posted yesterday about an organizational project that I was going to work on (Menu Organization binder from Our Life Accounts).  Luckily, I had the time last night to work on it and it is now mostly finished!I used an old 1" binder that I had laying around and made a simple cover insert for it:

The first section contains all the recipes for the current week in order: Then there's a section with the calendar I use to plan our meals.   I started out planning just a week at a time, but I discovered that it really doesn't take that much more time to do a whole month (or a couple of weeks depending on my brain power at the time of planning).  I use a month calendar from iCal (which I integrate with Google calendar because John has his summer schedule shared with me) so it shows my work schedule.   Then each week on Monday, I write the plan on the whiteboard that's on our fridge. The last section in the binder is for the rest of the recipes for the month (in order).  That way, if a recipe repeats later in the month, it can be filed here instead of going back into the big recipe binder. We don't have much counter space in our kitchen, so I like to have recipes printed out on a sheet of paper.  I found a spot on the side of the fridge where they can be put up when it comes time to start cooking so they don't get covered in food or take up any precious horizontal space. Now, I don't want this to lead anyone to believe that I'm an organized person...because I'm not.  I needed an easy way to keep recipes on our menu handy.  Most of the time they are in my computer and I just print them off as I am going make them.  The menu would read "Chicken and Mushrooms in Garlic Wine Sauce (print recipe)" or wherever the recipe was located.  This is all fine and good if I'm the one cooking.  As summer winds down and John is around to cook more, especially on nights I work, it would probably be helpful for him to have access to the recipes as well.  I thought this method seemed simple and might even help me become a little less disorganized (or messy...whatever you want to call it).