what i ate for lunch

I'm not sure if anyone actually cares...but last night when I was packing my lunch, I thought to take a picture of it, and now I'm going to share it with you. 

Photo Mar 28, 14 35 08
Leftover turkey meatloaf

Salad with tomatoes and a bit of goat cheese (and homemade balsamic dressing)

Greek yogurt (full fat!) with mixed berries, a tiny bit of honey, and cinnamon

Apple (with delicious chcocolate coconut PB - not pictured)

I also had a Larabar and some cut up mini peppers

My first couple of days of eating this way I was surprised to not wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning with my stomach rumbling so loud everyone in the neighborhood could hear it!  That's huge for me.  Unfortunately, when I went to work, I was immediately hungry (as usual), but I was able to only eat what was packed in my lunch and I was fine.  

This afternoone when I woke up, I was a little hungry, but not ravenous like I usually am.  I ate a string cheese and a few bites of leftover sauteed veggies from last night's dinner while I was making my coffee, and am not currently hungry anymore.  

While we are on the subject of food (a common one around here...I love to eat!), last night I made a roast chicken for dinner...it was delicious!  I didn't post the recipe when I posted my menu, so I'm going to post it now.  It sounds not so good, Roasted Chicken with Olives and Prunes, but it was so good!

Photo Mar 27, 17 15 42

I used dates instead of prunes, which I think was a good idea.  This was the first time I've ever cooked a whole chicken and it came out perfectly by simply following the recipe.  The skin was crispy and delcious and the meat was moist (I was worried it would dry out).  I highly recommend trying this one!