weekend sun and a food update

Yesterday was the 8th(?) annual Merry Marmot festival at Arctic Valley.  It turned out to be a beautiful spring day!  

Photo Apr 01, 15 00 34
There were tons of people enjoying themselves, music, and good food.  As always, I think the highlight was the Downhill Dummy race (build a dummy and send it downhill on skis) and the kayak race (get in a kayak and race downhill).  These are usually entertaining because people (and the dummies) do a lot of crashing.  

I have been terrible about going up there this year (and actually haven't been skiing at all...yet).  Every time I go to an event there, I kick myself for not hanging out up there more.  The group of people involved in running the ski area are an awesome and fun bunch!  

I also wanted to share a quick update on how my new eating plan is going.  I'm actually really impressed with myself.  Last week I ate no grains (except for half the bread on a sandwhich when we went out for lunch last Monday) and virtually no sugar (I caved on my third day of work in a row and ate two pieces of chocolate...really, there are worse things).  Yesterday at Merry Marmot I had my burger without a bun, but I ate a breadstick...and it made my stomach hurt!  Serioulsy.  I couldn't believe that after five days of not eating any bread it could make me feel that ill that quickly!  

The best part is that I don't even really miss any of the things that I'm not eating.  One night at work last week, some co-workers ordered pizza, which I usually can't resist.  But I did.  While they were eating their gooey cheesy pizza (yum!), I was enjoying leftover meatloaf and a giant salad with goat cheese and balsamic vinegrette.  Surprisingly, I did not feel cheated.  

The other huge thing is that I am not always starving the second I wake up anymore.  Usually I wake up in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning with my stomach growling loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.  That's only happened once this week, and I think it was beause I just didn't eat enough while I was awake(mostly laziness).  

Part of my goal in eating this way was to get away from counting calories.  I have been keeping track over the last week, mostly to get an idea of where I am at.  I have found that I am more consistently within my calorie goal when eating this way than before, probably because I am not hungry as often (again, that's big for me...I'm always hungry).  

My main goal for this is to get myself to a place where I feel good about my body.  I don't really care how much I weigh, I just want to feel good (which I haven't for awhile).