Weekend Links 9/10

 Weekend Links 9/10/16 - Click to read the most interesting things I found on the internt this week. 

Here's your weekly installment of the best stuff I read on the Internet this week:

Why Full Fat Dairy May Be Healthier Than Low-Fat // I'm a huge full-fat dairy advocate, but my reasons have always been that when you take the fat out you have to put something else in - usually water or other fillers/icky chemicals. I don't like to pay for extra water or gross chemicals in my food. But good to know that my feelings are backed up by some science!

Depression: A Revolution in Treatment? // An interesting concept (depression is caused by a faulty immune system altering the brain), and yet another reason to eat real food and take care of your body!

3 Reasons Why Healthy is Sexy // I find it fascinating to know that we can actually assess the medical condition of people we meet very quickly...even though we don't know we're doing it!

Tap Water for the Win // I don't even like the taste of most bottled water. But let it be known that it's a huge waste of money (and bad for the environment). If you live in a place where it is unsafe to drink the tap water, that's a whole different story. Friends don't let friends drink bottled water - even when traveling, you can carry and EMPTY water bottle and fill it up once you are through security. Also, don't be fooled by marketing buzzwords!

27 of the Funniest Reactions to Apple's New Stuff // Who gets rid of a headphone jack?!!? I mean, no one actually uses their phone for a phone, right? We all just listen to music and podcasts on it. And now everyone will lose their stupid wireless headphones and we will be forced to listen to everyone else's stuff. UGH!

12 Painless Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet //  All of these things. Seriously. Even if you can't do them all at once, try a few, make them a habit, then try a few more. I'm not kidding. Do them. Now.