Breast Cancer, Vitamin D, & Sleep: Weekend Links 11/19

Weekend links got a makeover! I'm still sharing interesting bits from around the internet, but I've changed the format up a little. This week was a tough one. The lack of daylight seems so much more obvious suddenly and it's making me want to eat junk food and hibernate! Here's what's new and exciting this week:


  1. Breast cancer is being over-diagnosed
  2. But higher levels of vitamin D are linked to better breast cancer survival rates.
  3. An extra hour of sleep increases wages. 
  4. Personalized nutrition isn't going to solve our diet problems. 
  5. And if a pay increase isn't enough motivation for sleep, there's now even more evidence that loss of sleep leads to weight gain
  6. Most athletes know this, but exercise might keep depression at bay
  7. Self-control is actually pretty overrated. Check out what works better.
  8. More support for the case for eating healthy fats.  
  9. The beginner's guide to cooking meats
  10. Eat your veggies to help prevent the flu...because science says so!

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Breakfast this morning! There's some rice in the bottom of the bowl. Sauteed mushrooms and spinach with the sausage I made yesterday.

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