Weekend Links 6/4

Back to regularly scheduled weekend programming. Here's what I read on the internet over the past fews weeks that was interesting! Grab your cup of coffee...cozy up, and get to reading!

What Kids Think About the Presidential Candidates  // Kids say the darndest things, right?

How I Learned to Love Snapchat //  I love Snapchat because it lets me connect with people I follow online in a way that feels much more personal than Instagram or Facebook. It's kind of like Periscope only in smaller chunks. I'm not super consistent at posting to SC, but it's fun when I remember (my username is martha_florence if you want to follow me)! I find it is much easier to post random content there than on Instagram and definitely enjoy when the people I follow post randomness.  

 All Your Favorite Disney Characters Sing Adele's 'Hello' // This just made me chuckle. And this guy is wicked talented for being able to do all those voices!

Skin's Ability to 'Smell' Seems to Help it Heal Itself  // Did you know that there are olfactory receptors in tissues outside the nose? This article touches on some interesting science of the skin being able to "smell" and heal itself. Crazy!

A Letter to My Body // Have you thanked your one and only body lately? Seriously, we spend so much time critiquing and trying to change things about our bodies, but we never take the time to realize what it has done for us (like gotten us through the past 30+ years) regardless of how we feel about it. If I talked to my friends the way I talk to/about my body, I would probably not have any friends left at this point. Just a thought.