Weekend Links 7/9

Since I'm done studying, I now have time to read things on the internet for fun again! Hooray! Here's what I read this week that I think you'll find interesting (or delicious). So grab your coffee and start reading!

Watermelon Strawberry Slush // This sounds delicious with or without the alcohol. I think I'd leave out the sugar because the fruit should be sweet enough. 

Skeletal Muscle Regulates Metabolism // We all know that muscles are good. But who knew they were this good?? "Muscle loss is associated with delayed recovery from illness, slowed wound healing, reduced resting metabolic rate, physical disability, poorer quality of life, and higher health care costs." Wow!

Exercise Four Hours After Learning Something 'Boosts' Retention // This is why recess is so important for kids! When I was in high school I would walk on the treadmill while I was trying to memorize things for school. I think it worked because I can still recite parts of the poems or passages from Shakespeare that I had to memorize for AP English my senior year. 

Exercise Won't Help You Lose Much Weight // There's a saying that you can't out exercise a bad diet, this article talks about that science. That doesn't meant that you shouldn't exercise, but it means that diet plays a bigger role than exercise in weight loss. So, no more exercising extra to combat a "cheat day." 

This Year, Exercise Less // And here's the difference between exercise vs. movement and why sitting all day and then exercising for 30 or 60 minutes is not really helping your body out at all. We need to focus more on moving throughout the day. Sitting for just a few hours can undo all the "good" done by going for a long walk.