Weekend Links 7/16

I'm out of town for a conference this weekend, so this is a little shorter than usual. But you can still grab your coffee and start reading! 

Massage Oil for an Active Body // I wrote a post earlier this week about why/how athletes/active people should use essential oils. Here's a great recipe for a massage oil to help revive a tired body. 

Pokeman Go, Explained // Just in case you want to know more but you don't want it to show up in your Google search history...

Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream // You know you want to try this. 

Performing light physical activity while learning boost retention // I may have already shared something similar, but I think this really brings to light the importance of movement. Not exercise, but movement. I used to walk on the treadmill while I was memorizing things for school. 

Also, here's a research paper showing that omega 6 fatty acids inhibit the incorporation of omega 3 fatty acids into red blood cells BUT saturated fats accelerate the process. What does that mean for you? Eat whole foods, don't take supplements, be wary of your oils.