Weekend Links 8/20

 Weekend Links - week of August, 20, 2016: The most interesting things I read on the internet this week - Apple Pie Mug Cake, set the bar low when it comes to athletics, going vegan istn' sustainable, and more!

I can't believe it's the weekend already! I thought this was going to be a long week because I worked twice as much as I usually do, but it flew by! Here are the most interesting things I read on the internet this week!

Apple Pie Peanut Butter Mug Cake // Because, why not? 

Advice from a Former Olympic Hopeful // I love this. You don't have to have "extreme" fitness goals. Set the bar low so you aren't constantly disappointed! Yes!

Going Vegan Isn't the Most Sustainable Option // This concept isn't new to me, but I'm glad to see it presented in a more mainstream place. I do find it interesting that this is presented in terms of the size of the population that can be supported indefinitely vs whether or not it's good for the planet. 

How Nature Can Help Prisoners // Inmates who watched nature videos reported fewer negative emotions than those who did not. Many of us already know the healing powers of nature so it's nice to see that people are looking for ways to bring nature to those who could really use it.