Weekend Links 8/13

 The best of what I read on the Internet this week - week of August 13, 2016

Here are the most interesting bits of what I read on the internet this week. Grab a coffee or tea and start reading!

Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream // Because...why not?

Motivation: You're Doing it Wrong // I'm pretty sure that motivation is the number one reason why people don't stick with most things. This is a good look at how you're doing it wrong and how you can do it better. 

The Definitive Guide to Coffee // Pretty much everyone loves coffee. It's health benefits are also debated by some (but these days what isn't?). As with everything you should weigh the risk and benefits of something before you commit to it fully. And if you're going to drink coffee...at least drink the good stuff!

The Diving Pool at the Olympics Closed After Turning Green // This makes WAY more sense to me than the algae bloom explanation. I failed to understand how you could get algae blooms in a pool that was contained and had chlorine in it unless you were actively pumping ocean water into it. Anyway, this is both gross, funny, and a huge relief that I still have at least a basic understanding of biology. 

How Do Olympians Eat? // Eat like an elite athlete (maybe not quite as much as some of them). You don't want to have to suddenly revamp your diet when you qualify for the Olympics, do you?