Weekend Links 5/7

I read a lot of interesting things on the Internet each week. Here are some of the things I found this week. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy!

Death By Coconut: A Story of Food Obsession Gone Too Far // I posted this on Facebook earlier in the week. I think it's a good lesson in the concept that even so-called superfoods can be bad for you when taken to extremes as well as the importance of a balanced diet. 

How to Stop Feeling Guilty When You Eat // I know a lot of people have guilt surrounding food. You eat something that you don't think you should or you deprive yourself of something you really want until you can't stand it anymore and eat twice as much as you would have if you'd just eaten the thing in the first place. This post has some good tips for squashing food guilt. My strategy is to own my choices and move on. It works pretty well for me. 

Japanese Lego Food // This food is adorable! I love the broccoli and the pizza. I'm so not good at making things with legos, but perhaps I can channel some of my snacking habits into making lego food instead!

Eating Dark Chocolate Could Help Boost Athletic Performance // Um, this is amazing news! More dark chocolate doing half marathon training? I guess...but only because it will make me run faster ;) 

Why Whole Foods Wants a Slower Growing Chicken

Why Letting Teens Sleep In Could Save Lives // Another example of why sleep is so important. Almost 70% of teenagers don't get enough sleep. 

Have a great weekend!