Weekend Links 5/14

Happy weekend! I hope that you are enjoying amazing weather wherever you are. I'm traveling (California and then Oregon), but the weather back home is spectacular. And, of course, the weather is always nice in California. So, grab your iced coffee and enjoy these interesting reads that I found this week!

You Don't Have to Believe What You Think // This is excellent. That is all. 

Airlines Break Rules to Let Fort McMurray Evacuees Fly With Their Pets // I'm not big on breaking rules (shocking I know), but I feel like this is both compassionate and good customer service. While the danger of a wild fire in my neighborhood is quite low, I would hope that my dog and I would be able to evacuate together no matter how we had to go. 

The Case of the $629 Band-Aid // This is really interesting to me (probably because I work in healthcare). It also illustrates why going to the ER for non-emergent things is not cost effective for anyone. Yes hospitals need to charge certain fees to remain staffed and open to take care of patients who really need them (trust me, you want them properly staffed), but no, I don't want to pay $629 for a band-aid. 

Anti-Aging Secret from Butter Nutrition // It's totally not what you think...and it easier than you think!

That's all I've got today. Have a great weekend!