watercolor madness

For some reason I have suddenly had the urge to paint with watercolors. I'm not sure what sparked that but I'm having fun playing with my paints.

Photo Jul 18, 15 46 01

I am not aiming to create anything specific, just playing..although there was a video I came across with watercolor galaxies that totally inspired me...and also gave me the idea for the paint splatters.

Photo Jul 18, 17 44 16

Yes, I should be doing school work, but this is a great mental health break from staring at the computer screen and trying to learn things! 

My problem with creating stuff is that I get hung up on making my things look like the things that other people do that I like so much. Then I get frustrated when I can't get it right. I think watercolors are a good way for me to practice getting out of that cycle because it's pretty easy to create pretty things. I've also found that if I walk away from something that I don't like, by the time I come back I sometimes kind of like it. Or at least like a part of it!

What do you do for a mental health break?