unexpectedly good

I love it when I read a book that I don't think is going to be all that great, and end up thinking it's really good.  I just finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  It kept popping up on my recommendations and showing up in the "People who bought this book also bought..." on Amazon.com, so I decided to break down and read it. Sure it has it's downfalls, most books do.  The biggest was that I found the main female character, Marlena, to be a bit dull.  Although, I tend to have that problem with female characters (ask me how I feel about Bella in the Twilight series).  Luckily, her role was not vital to my enjoyment of the story (important, yes, but not so much that it ruined the whole book). The story is about an old man remembering his younger days traveling with a circus.  It really wasn't something I thought I would enjoy, but I read it very quickly and found it rather enjoyable. Now I'm reading Percy Jackson Lightning Thief.  It's my Harry Potter substitute...since I can't get the series for my Kindle.  I've already read the entire series, but I was thinking it might be nice to have them all (Harry Potter, not Percy Jackson) in electronic form so I could revisit them.  Then I discovered that the author thinks we should be reading actual books and does not want them published in electronic form.  I've got news for her...it is highly unlikely that I will every purchase the series in its entirety in book form.  That is a large amount of book poundage.  I am most likely to read them (again) while on vacation, and I am NOT hauling 100lbs of books around on a trip.  Enter the Kindle.  My most favorite electronic device EVER.  Less than a pound (I think) and holds a gazillion books (ok, not quite).  Problem solved.  Unless you are J.K. Rowling, then you think I should haul around 100lbs of books on my trip.  (PS. I still read real books too...I love real books.  I just don't have the space for very many more of them.)