two needle

I've always loved knitting socks.  Mostly because they are small and easy to stuff in your purse for lunch time knitting at work.   The thing I hate about knitting them is that the sense of accomplishment you get from finishing one quickly turns to disappointment when you realize that you have to make a second one to match the first.  I'm not good at following patterns either (kind of like my inability to follow a recipe), so I often forget what I did differently and have to wing it on the second sock, and it doesn't ever turn out quite the same as the first.

Thank goodness there are clever people in the knitting world who discovered a way to knit two things on one set of needles at the same time! There are several variations of the "magic loop," but I have found one that works well for me when making socks or mittens.  I've also recently discovered knitting socks from the toe up.  My second least favorite part of making socks (after the daunting task of making the second sock) is stitching together the toe stitches.  That can be avoided completely with a clever cast on method!

I used this tutorial from Heidi's blog for both casting on and my toe up sock pattern.  There are several different parts to her tutorial for the different parts of the sock.  I have a written sock pattern that stays pretty much the same thing, but her photos were a nice addition when learning this method.  

I started some sock a couple of weeks ago and they are coming along nicely!

Photo Aug 18, 20 31 31
The yarn is Opal Kaleidoscope Sock yarn in colorway 2992 (I think...I'm too lazy to go downstairs and get the label).

Hopefully I will manage to get them finished in time to keep someones feet warm when the weather gets cold (although there was a chill in the air this morning, so that may happen sooner rather than later).