trail mix

I am always looking for ways to make snacking easier.  When I'm hungry, I want to eat something now...not wait for things too cook.  This results in me eating a lot of string cheese and Larabars because I don't feel like putting together something more complicated.  

The other day I decided to make my own trail mix so I would have something a little more substanial to snack, and something that was easily portable if I was out and about and needed a snack (string cheese doesn't travel well for more than an hour and a girl can only eat so many Larabars).  

Photo Apr 27, 16 11 53

Dried cranberries, cashews, almonds, dark chocolate chips, and unsweetend coconut.  Yum!  I did not measure anything, I simply eyeballed the ratio.  Well actually, I just started adding things to the half empty contrainer of cranberries I had.  You could pretty much put anything in your trail mix.  I think I have some dried pineapple and cherries around too which I might add in once there's more space in the container.

Happy snacking!