today's run brought to you by h^2

That would be heat and humidity (technically, I supposed it would be heat x humidity)

It was 65+ degrees and 90% humidity...I prefer 40 degrees and raining!

At least we finally got some nice weather though. We've been stuck in a fog back (literally) for the last four days or so, so it was nice to see the blue sky.

The last couple of days we have been busy with John's dad. Tuesday we found out that he could stay at the facility he's at until Friday (don't even get me started on insurance companies right now). Wednesday we did a home evaluation with the Physical Therapist, she came out to their house and observed the logistics of getting him into the house and worked out the details of showering, sleeping, eating, etc. It went better than expected with a few minor hiccups (that will hopefully be non-issues if he gets more therapy before he comes home). Thursday John and I drove his dad up to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (about 1.5 hour drive) to get him fitted with prisms to help correct his double vision (temporary while his brain continues to heal, but hopefully will allow him to do some reading and help improve his balance). Today we found out that he gets to stay at the facility for another 16 days!

It seems counter intuitive to want someone to be away from home longer, but he is getting much more intensive therapy where he is than he would be getting if he came home.

Today we went to visit him for a few hours, and since it was so nice, we sat outside and played a couple of games of cribbage. He said he had fun and it was good to play cribbage with us because it keeps him sharp!

Today was also first Friday in Brattleboro, so John and I decided to wander around a bit before we headed home for the evening. Not much to report, but we did eat some delicious Vietnamese food from a food wagon in a parking lot.

We both had cold noodle salads. Mine was with mushrooms and John's was with crispy pork. They were delicious!

We don't have any plans for tomorrow other than going to visit his dad. Then I head home on Sunday...but not before having lunch with Amanda!! I'm super excited that I get to see her (AK people...try not to be jealous, and don't worry I will give her all of your hugs as promised)!