4th of July Weekend (ToL #8)

Usually Thursday's are for thinking out loud...but this week, it's happening on Friday. I'm still trying to get back into my routine post studying for boards. It's a lot harder than it should be. 

Despite my better judgement, I headed out of town for 4th of July weekend. Usually I stay in town for holidays because everyone else leaves town and I absolutely hate dealing with traffic. There is one highway out of Anchorage in each direction (north and south) and most of the one that goes south is two lanes and pretty curvy and dangerous. That means that I try and avoid it during high traffic times. 

I packed up my dogs and headed south to Seward, AK with some friends. They have a cabin that's about a 45 minute boat ride out of Seward. We left Saturday morning and had surprisingly little traffic (different story coming home on Monday afternoon). The weather was good and Griffin (currently 10 weeks old) behaved like a champ. He wasn't a fan of the boat ride (he did much better on the way home than on the way out), but he loved running free in the woods, and made friends with a pack of German Shepherds. Kiva has always been a fan of running free in the woods, she even managed to set a pretty good example for the little dog. 

Saturday we just hung out and napped in the sun. On Sunday we went fishing. The weather wasn't great, but I've definitely been out in worse. The water was relatively calm which is more important to me than sunshine (I don't do well on boats). We caught five fish and had a very close encounter with a humpback whale (like, could have reached out and touched it from the boat close). All markers of a successful day on the water. 

Monday we headed back into Seward to check out the festivities (think small town 4th of July hoopla). We also got to watch the end of the men's Mount Marathon race. After having some food we hit the road and headed home.

Do you like to stay in town or get the heck out on holiday weekends?