Thinking out Loud #4

Another week has come and gone. I'm getting ready for a couple of weeks of travel which is exciting, but as always I feel like I have tons to get done before I leave...which you would think would be easy since I only work two days a week...but for some reason it's still challenging to make the to do list shorter!

1. Of course the weekend I decide to go out of town it is supposed to be the most amazing weather. The forecast is for 70+ May. Kind of unheard of. I shouldn't complain though since I'll be in California for a week...

2. Getting old is totally lame. Over the weekend one of my very good friends came to town and we got together with the rest of our BFFs for dinner on Saturday night. We ended up staying out until about 11pm, which might not sound late, because at a point in my life (that was not all that long ago) it wasn't late. But, it took me TWO days to recover from staying up past my usual 9pm bedtime. #oldladyproblems

3. This week was Nurse's Week. At my job, they make it Employee Appreciation Week so they can make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve. They fed us delicious lunch every day, brought us ice cream, gave the nurses roses to wear yesterday (it was "Nurse's Day" yesterday), gave us gift cards, AND sent us home with a growler of beer. That seriously beats the bag of popcorn and cheap water bottle I received from my previous (and to remain unnamed) employer. It also makes me feel a whole lot more appreciated than said popcorn and water bottle. Happy Nurse's Week to all my nurse friends out there!

Roses for nurses week! I love my job!

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Shockingly, that is all I have to say today. I'm feeling a little scatterbrained and like I need to be going in about 20 different I'm going to get started on my to do list!

What's the best employee appreciation gift you've ever received?