Thinking Out Loud #3

Another episode of random thoughts for your Thursday! I don't have a lot lot say this week (which is not normal for me). 

1. I managed to get up early yesterday and go running before work. While I often get up early, I rarely manage to motivate myself to exercise for many, many hours into my day. When I got off work on Tuesday I promptly went home and fell asleep, so I figured I needed to make a new plan in order to set myself up for half marathon success. Apparently that involved running before work so that it was ok if I came home and fell asleep (which I did). Anyway, morning runs = hard and slow.

Sometimes getting up insanely early to get your run in before work is worth it.

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2. I'm kind of dreading this weekend. My mom's birthday is on Friday and Mother's Day on Sunday. She died in December of 2015 (something I have perhaps alluded to but not really talked about here) and it just feels strange to not have her here. I have plans with friends on Saturday so that will be good. Anyway, just feeling kind of blah heading into the weekend.

3. I know I posted about being on a no counting, no tracking meal plan...but then something came along that I couldn't pass up. I'm back on a macro plan for at least the next 6 weeks. So far so good, except I'm having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the overall reduced calories. I'll have a report at some point...but right now I'm just trying to stick to the plan. 

4. We just bought plane tickets to South Africa for October. I'm SUPER excited about this trip! We decided that since it was such a long trip (30+ hours each way) we wanted to fly Business Class the entire way...which is quite expensive, so we had to get creative. We used miles to get tickets to Europe (Frankfurt to be exact) and then we bought Premium Economy tickets from Frankfurt to South Africa (the cost difference between Premium Economy and Business Class was $1000 per person and the only real difference is that the seats don't lie completely flat). I'm pretty much ready to start a countdown at this point...because I can't wait for this to happen!

Have you ever been to South Africa? What should we do there? Where are you going on your next big adventure?