Thinking Out Loud #2

I'm back for another week of brain dump blogging...I mean thinking out loud. 

1. Now that I'm done with school I am tasked with finding a job. It's not my favorite thing to do, but is made more challenging by the fact that I don't know what I want to do. I know what I DON'T want to do...which I suppose is an ok place to start. 

2. I'm nerding out about macros right now. I know I just posted about the no counting, no tracking meal plan I'm doing right now, but I decided to calculate macro ratios for me and the BF just to see where we were at. Well, of course, we aren't eating enough protein. But at least that's a problem that's relatively easy to solve. Also, I got the idea to do this from listening to a podcast where the hosts were talking about how it's really hard to change things that you can't measure. If you don't measure your food (maybe not everyday) it's hard to know exactly what you are eating and why you are or are not meeting your goals. I just thought that was a really simple, yet kind of mind blowing perspective. 

3. Another thing that I'm completely obsessed with right now is savory oatmeal. I made a whole huge batch of it for breakfasts this week and have been eating it with spinach and two fried eggs on top. Perhaps since I have so much free time on my hands now that I'm done with school, I can get around to posting a recipe rather than talking about posting a recipe. 

4. I posted the following photo on Instagram on Sunday in honor of full disclosure. I never want anyone to think that I'm perfect (or even close to perfect) in the way that I eat. Because I'm just like everyone else when it comes to that kind of stuff, the only difference is I'm willing to admit it. And willing to own it. Less stress about food = happier feelings around eating = eating less junk overall. End of story. 

5. We are in desperate need of rain. Spring is springing and the leaves are getting green, but it's so terribly dusty that being outside is like being in the desert in a dust storm (ok, maybe not that bad, but I'm tired of picking dirt out of my teeth after my runs). 

6. As I start thinking about getting a new job, the other thing that comes to mind is a new wardrobe. I have been wearing scrubs, sweats, and workout clothes almost every day for close to seven years. I managed to get through 500+ hours of clinical with two pairs of pants and a handful of shirts that I don't hate. The thought of potentially having to wear real clothes every day of the week makes me want to cry a little bit. It might be time for a wardrobe overhaul...

Give me your best style advice for going from scrubs and yoga pants to adult clothes!