Thinking Out Loud #1

Sometimes I get writer's happens to everyone, but I feel like it happens to me when I haven't posted something in a long time and I want to write something. I know it's impossible to avoid writer's block, but thinking out loud is a good way to get the ideas flowing again. While this process might not produce life-changing content, it produces authentic writing and lets you all get to know me a little better. 

1. I'm pretty good at wasting time, in my world about 50% of that involves scanning Facebook, but the other 50% involves finding Netflix shows to binge on. Current favorites include Once Upon a Time and Orange is the New Black. I was going to wait until I read the book before I started Orange is the New Black, but I decided that my reading list was too long to wait until I got around to it. 

2. As much as I enjoy not feeling pressured to workout, I'm anxious to start training for something again. I'm not the only one, my faithful triathlon training partner text me on Sunday (exactly one week after our tri) and asked if I was bored because she was ready to start training for next year (spoiler alert: it's a little early)! I've got plans for a half marathon in August, and then it's back to tri training. Also, there will be a lot of biking this summer so I don't hate the bike ride next year!

3. I'm done (like completely done) with school as soon as I turn in my last test (I have until Saturday but I hope to get that done sooner). I'm relieved, terrified, overwhelmed, and excited. I have a little bit of time before I need to jump into looking for a job, but all that time will be taken up studying for boards. It's hard to believe that I'm finally done!

FML. But only for another 6 days!!!!! Until I have to study for board exams... 😁

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4. I'm going to see Romeo & Juliet at a local theater pub on Friday. Can we talk about how excited I am? Like 1996, Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes Romeo & Juliet. It doesn't start until 10:30pm which means that I'll probably fall asleep before it's over #oldladyproblems. I haven't seen this movie since 1997 or 1998...and we won't talk about how old I was at that time.

5.  It is still chilly in the mornings here, but I'm loving drinking iced coffee already. I find that I need a little bit of stevia in my coffee when I drink it hot, but when I drink iced coffee I drink it without any sweetener. I need to get a batch of cold brew going too because that is my all-time favorite kind of iced coffee to drink!

It might only be 32 degrees outside, but the fact that there isn't a cloud in the sky means it's time for iced coffee!

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Tell me - Coffee: Iced or hot?