things I want to do better in 2013

I've never really been into New Years resolutions.  I think it's a little silly (and wildly unsuccessful) to decide you are going to make drastic changes at the beginning of each year.  I know I'm not good at sticking to things for long periods, but if that works for you…more power to you!  I do think that the new year offers a good jumping off or starting over point.  But really, why wait until then…if you have something you want to change…do it now, don't wait!

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Rather than decide I am going to drastically change my life on 1/1/13, I have come up with some things that I want to do better this year.  Some of them will happen, some of them will happen partway, and some of them won't happen at all, but maybe if I write them down I will at least be more conscious of the fact that they are things I want to work on.  

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1. Take more photos with my nice camera.  I have a nice camera which I use a lot when I travel, but for most of my daily photo needs I use my iPhone.  I want to change this habit and use my "real" camera more often. 

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2. Stay in touch.  I'm horrid at staying in touch with family and friends near and far.  It's unfortunate.  Mostly it's because I'm lazy (see #5), but sometimes I truly just forget about people.  That sounds terrible, but I don't think it's as bad as it sounds.  I am extremely fortunate and have what I feel is a large number of friends…sometimes it's hard to keep track of them all.  They don't all live near me and they are not all a part of my daily (or almost daily) life.  I suppose it's not so much that I forget about them as it is that I lose track of how long it's been since I last communicated with them.  Thank goodness for email, text messages, and Facebook because all of those things allow me to send a quick note to say hi without committing to a whole telephone conversation when I remember that it's been six months since I last heard from so-and-so.

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3. Exercise more.  Not just run more (I want to do that too…I have goals to achieve!), but find something that balances out running and do that too.  For awhile I was doing PiYo…but then my PiYo instructor BFF decided to move somewhere warmer.  I won't hold it against her because I probably would have done the same thing given the opportunity she was presented!  I'm thinking Yoga might be a good alternative if I want to go to an actual class.  I also found a total body strength workout through Runner's World that seems reasonable, quick, and easy. 

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4. Have good news more often. If you know me, you know I am not always the most positive person.  I work with someone who always asks "what good news do you have for me?" when I call her with something negative to say.  It's often hard for me to come up with "good news."  I'm going to work on that.

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5. Be less lazy. From exercising to cleaning the house, I need to spend less time sitting around wasting time!

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6. Eat more veggies.  I am currently in the process of reevaluating my food philosophies. Part of that involves eating more vegetables.  I feel like we do a decent job of eating veggies, but there is always room for improvement.  I plan on dong a post about this when I'm a little more solid in where I stand on food and eating well.  

Photo May 16, 22 10 50
7. Help Kiva be a better dog.  She's smart and has tons of energy, which she does not always put to good use.  She loved going to obedience class and was definitely a better dog when we focused on that.  We've become kind of lax in our practice of working on her skills in the last few months (see #5).  There are a couple of obedience classes that I want to do with her, but I also want to make sure we work on things at home more often than just when there is a problem.  She has developed some annoying habits in the last few weeks (mostly barking at everything which came on quickly and for no obvious reasons…I'm hoping it's just a phase) that I would like to work on correcting as well so they do not become a lifelong habit for her!

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8. Send more real mail. This kind of falls in line with #2, but I love it when my friends send me birthday cards, etc. but I am terrible failure at sending them to other people!  I'd like to send some real mail to someone at least once every few weeks…considering the amount of time I spend being lazy, I should be able to make time to do that…right?  

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What things do you want to do better in 2013?  

Photos are various highlights from 2012 via my iPhone.