the winter sea

Another book I read while on my trip was The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsly.


It's a historical fiction about an author writing a book about Scottish history.  She ends up moving to the place where she is writing about for inspiration.  The chapters alternate between the modern story and the story she is writing. In the beginning I was not into this book at all.  In fact, I stopped reading it and started reading Sarah's Key.  After a few days I started reading it again and was more interested.  The story got better as it went on.  It's a little cheesy though.  I didn't like the way her characters spoke to her (like literally spoke to her and she wrote down what they said) in order for her to write her book.  There's both a modern and historical love story that goes on throughout the book.  The modern love story is entertaining, but nothing special.  The love story that occurs in her book is much better, and has an unexpected (although I guessed it before it was actually revealed in the story) twist at the end.  Overall, a good read.