the weather outside is frightful

And I don't have a fire that is delightful.I was really hoping that all the weather predictions about another lousy winter were going to be wrong.  November was such a good start.  It was cold, it snowed a lot, and then it was cold.  Apparently Mother Nature got a little pissed off once December rolled around. We are stuck in the worst cycle of thawing and excessive winds ever!  It keeps warming up and getting windy - like 50-100mph wind gusts windy, and then freezing so everything gets ridiculously slippery.  Then it warms up, blows everything around, and freezes again.  It's just plain dumb. Even the weather people at the National Weather Service don't have a freaking clue what's going on.  They are fairly confident in the short-term forecast (although, that's not hard, you can usually tell what's coming by going outside and looking around), but they admit that they have no idea what's going on with the long term forecast. Here's an excerpt from the weather discussion on their website. That's science speak for "I don't have a freaking clue" if I've ever heard it (I feel like people of science are hard-pressed to admit that they don't have some kind of an answer for something...or is that just me?). If all of you out there on the Interwebs would do some kind of "give us more winter-like weather" dance, those of us in Alaska who are trying to keep our houses and dogs from blowing away (and those who keep losing power for multiple days at a time) would really appreciate it!