The Return of Weekend Links

I have posted various forms of an "interesting things I found on the Internet this week" post over the years, and while they were hit or miss as far as traffic goes...I miss doing them. I spend an obscene amount of time on the Internet each week and even if no one else cares to read what I find interesting, I like having a place to keep the best things I find. So, weekend links are back!

Beware of Insta-Gurus Dietary Advice // While I agree that we need to be careful about the dietary advice we follow, I don't think that nutritionists and dieticians are the gospel when it comes to this advice. My cousin has a young kiddo who has some pretty severe allergies and when she went to the dietician in the allergy clinic she found that they couldn't even help her figure out how to get her almost 2-year-old son off of his formula. I know that there is a huge variance when it comes to quality of professionals, but "giving up gluten for no medical reason" doesn't seem particularly harmful, especially if you feel better and eat fewer processed foods because of it (end rant)!

Apparently Dead Butt Syndrome is a real thing and can be a problem for many runners (and other athletes)who sit too much during the day. Here are some great moves to combat Dead Butt Syndrome.

We put SO MANY chemicals into our bodies every day. I think I saw a statistic that the average woman puts over 500 chemicals on her skin every single day. That's a lot. A new study found that taking a break from these chemical-laden products for just three days caused a huge decrease in the amount of chemicals present in the body. If you are interested in learning how to make/choose skincare and household products with fewer (or no) harmful chemicals, check out my page on essential oils or email me and we can chat!

Dozens Suspected of Cheating to Enter Boston Marathon // Unfortunately, this probably isn't surprising to many. Anytime you have something that is "highly coveted" people will figure out a way to cheat to get it. However, I have heard numerous stories from cheaters (some were well intentioned believe it or not) who got busted and are now banned from any BAA sanctioned event FOREVER. I hope to run Boston someday, but don't be surprised when I start begging for donations since I'll probably never be able to run fast enough to qualify. 

Why Six Hours of Sleep Is As Bad As None At All // I am a sleep nazi. I know that sounds harsh, but I have always required a lot of sleep. I am pretty much useless with anything less than 7.5 hours of sleep. I get it that people are busy (although busy is a state of mind and a matter of priorities if you ask me...but that's a topic for another blog post), but I think it's important to make time for the things that make a difference in your life. In my opinion those things are sleep, eating well, and exercise. Go the eff to sleep people!

4 Prince Videos You Should Watch Right Now // I'm pretty sad about Prince dying. I'm definitely not the biggest fan, but as a musician (I played the cello for 8 years) and someone who loves listening to music, I definitely appreciate his talent and his defiance (disregard) for gender stereotypes. My mom was a huge fan, I hope they are laughing together in the purple rain in whatever sort of afterlife exists. 

What was the best thing you read on the internet this week?