the panama canal

In the interest of not making my post-vacation depression worse, I will not recount every fabulous moment of the cruise John and I went on.  I will, however, direct you to the hundreds of photos I took and summarize a few highlights.

Photos can be found HERE.

*I ate steak and/or lobster (with a few shrimp thrown in occasionally) for dinner almost every night

*I ate dessert every night *I read two books

*We saw lots of wildlife.  In addition to the birds, crocodiles, and monkeys we saw on our rafting trip in Costa Rica, we also saw dolphins, bats (while watching a movie on a giant screen above one of the pools on the ship), turtles, flying fish, whales (in Cabo while we were on our water taxi ride), and a snake (in Acapulco...I swear it almost ate me...but John begs to differ).

*We were not on the ship that lost power...thank goodness

*I honed my cribbage skills and even beat John a few times.

*I got a tan and didn't think about work for almost TWO WEEKS!

One of my favorite things actually happened after we got off the ship (which helped ease the transition from cruise fantasy land to real life).  We stayed at the Hilton near the airport in Miami and while we were eating lunch the entire University of Miami football team walked through the lobby.  That sighting turned into the realization that they must be playing a game that day.  Which then turned into a last minute college football adventure.  There was  car rental place in the hotel and we got a car for less than taxi fare one way...and off we went!  The game wasn't very good, but it was a fun day anyway.