the new food " pyramid "

I will attempt not to rant (for too long anyway), BUT I'm pretty sure that making the food pyramid not a pyramid (because apparently the pyramid was too confusing) is not really going to solve any problems.  Here is the NY Times article about the new "pyramid."The new pyramid is a plate, which tells you what proportions of each food group to eat. Here's my dinner from last night, a prefect example of "the plate" (minus the fruit, which was in the sauce on the chicken and the dairy which I hardly ever have by itself) image Here's the thing...the reason people weren't using the food pyramid wasn't because it was too confusing, or because it didn't distinguish between healthy foods and not healthy foods (the plate doesn't do that either).  They weren't using it because Americans are lazy...and cheap (or poor) and health food takes time to make, and can be expensive.  It still says "dairy" which could mean ice cream, whipping cream, half and half, or whole milk.  None of those are particularly healthy. If you want to get technical, the vegetable section should say "non-starchy vegetables."  I only mention that because John and I are in a constant battle regarding whether or not potatoes qualify as vegetable when attempting to eat a balanced meal.  Yes, they are vegetables, but they are also a starch, which puts them in the carbohydrate category.  He disagrees. So really "the plate" has solved nothing.  Brittany suggested that maybe someone should start posting healthy (and cheap) weekly meal plans with shopping lists instead of wasting time redesigning something that wasn't really broken.