the internet is a slippery slope

I have fallen off the slippery slope of the internet and into a giant river of self doubt.  Allow me to explain.  

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I realized that in the 18+ years of attending school I have developed ZERO study habits.  Why? This is going to sound totally arrogant and conceited, but it's because I never needed to study.  I made it through nursing school with a solid B average and spent very little time outside of class actually studying.  While all my classmates were trying to memorize every word of our textbooks, I was watching movies, writing blog posts, hiking, fishing, and skiing.  Yes, I could have done better, but my motto has always been one of minimum input for maximum output. 

Obviously I absorb knowledge from somewhere or else I would not be a walking vessel of useless and random facts.  The question is, from where? And, how do I purposely absorb this knowledge?

While I was trying to wrap my brain around neurophysiology (see what I did there?), I sent some frantic text messages to JRW proclaiming my studying ineptitude, at which point he suggested I google "how to study" and see what I could learn.  After reanalyzing my problem, I came to the conclusion that it would first be more useful to find an outline for what I was studying.  You see, I have three textbooks for this course and a list of objectives.  Having multiple texts makes it very difficult to take notes in any sort of meaningful manner, so I thought an outline would at least put some order into the chaos and lead me in the direction of learning.  

Photo Jul 09, 7 30 42 AM

Googling pathophysiology outlines somehow led me to several blogs written by medical students (I was immediately attracted to the photos of their color-coded notes).  After being distracted by their notes, I got distracted by the content of their blogs.  The most interesting was one written by a Canadian RN who had been working in very rural areas and decided to apply to medical school.  Reading her blog made me wonder if I made a mistake.  Should I have applied to medical school instead?  Every time I skip over something in my textbook I think gee, I sure am glad I'm not a medical student because otherwise I would have to know that. But then I feel like maybe I am taking the easy way out.  

Applying and going to med school would definitely be a hardship (I'm pretty sure you can't work three 12s and go to school at that level), but would it have been the better option?  I guess I don't know the answer and the only way I'll ever know is to either do it, or don't and see how things turn out.

So thanks Google, for making me doubt all my life decisions.