the hairiest dog gets a haircut

I mentioned last week that I was a bad dog mom because it was obvious that Kiva was extremely hairy and uncomfortable.  I finally called to make an appointment to have her groomed.  Thank goodness one of my friends at worked mentioned that my vet also happens to have an awesome groomer!  The kennel I used to take Kiva to when we were out of town would groom her, but they were closed over the winter (and possibly sad!).  

Here she is before her haircut...notice the chimpanzee looking hair on the backs of her legs and the excessive amout of fur on her butt.

Photo Apr 16, 23 53 57
I was able to have her vaccines updated and have her groomed all in one stop!  Now she's slightly less hairy and hopefully much more comfortable.  Apparently she has turned into a princess after her haircut.  John went outside to pick up dog poo (probably the worst thing about spring time) and she flat out refused to go out with him.  I don't know that I have ever seen her refuse to go outside.  She loves to be outside!  I guess she didn't want to get dirty (which I appreciate), but I hope she doesn't make a habit of this behavior.  

Here's the only "after" picture I have so far.  Although she was obviously exhasusted from her day of beauty, she refused to lay still long enough for me to get a decent photo of the amount of hair she had removed.  

Photo Apr 16, 17 53 40

**4/21/12: Here's a better after picture...doesn't she look pretty?**

Photo Apr 18, 17 40 35