the grammar police WILL get you

I stumbled across this blog post and then had to read this one and this one.  Let me just say that I sort of agree with the first one and very much disagree with the last two.  Perhaps it is related to the fact that I value education or it is because it was drilled into me at a very early age that good grammar is exceptionally important.  No...seriously, my dad writes and edits things (legal things) for a living.  I remember him telling me that saying "those ones" is incorrect (I'm pretty sure I was in elementary school).  It's either "those" or "that one" because you can't have multiple "ones."  One is one, not more.  I could probably create a very long list of grammar grievances...but I will refrain.A few weeks ago John and I had a rather heated argument about the serial comma.  I was reading something that he had written and forced him to use it.  The only reason he agreed was because it was "for the masses."  But he made it very clear that, as a general principle, he disapproves of it.  I sent the following email titled "Irreconcilable Grammar Differences" to my dad regarding this disagreement:

"John doesn't believe in the serial comma...I told him we couldn't see each other anymore."

My dad's response:

"he's dead to me"

This exchange illustrates a key point brought up in all of the blog posts.  The level of grammatical correctness should coincide with the type of written communication.  You'll notice my dad's lack of capitalization and punctuation.  Although I think that this is a valid point...I have a very hard time writing grammatically incorrect text messages.  I suppose after so many years of obsessing over grammar, I've developed a bit of a complex. Luckily, John and I have (for the most part) put our grammatical disagreements aside and continue to see each other.