the first week

Photo Dec 04, 18 41 17I am almost through my first week at my new job.  So far it's great!  The first day was terribly boring as I was doing paperwork and computer training.  The rest of the week has been great though!

There is definitely a huge perspective shift that happens when you go from working in a hospital to an office.  The learning curve is also pretty steep as I have very little experience with most of the things people are seen in our office for.  My main challenge is all the drugs that people call for refills for that I know nothing about.  Good thing I'm taking pharmacology next semester!

I still feel really good about the change.  Especially since this aligns more with what I am going to school for. The providers in the office are super smart (the practice owner studied Urdu before she went to med school!) and will be an excellent resource for me as I learn this new job and as I go through school.

It's also going to be fun to get to know the patients a little better.  Some of what I am learning will get easier as I learn more about the patients. 

The switch to five days a week has not been a problem this week.  I get home and have enough time in the evening and I can get enough done that I don't feel cheated.  The switch to eight hours will be interesting.  Right now it feels short, which is also probably related to the fact that there is so much work to be done that the day flies by.  

Right now...check plus on the work situation!