the dog behind the blog

I live with my two humans in a house next to a busy street. Once I got in trouble for running across the busy street, but I was just trying to go find the moose that was making fun of me and teach him a lesson.  Now I have to go outside on a leash all the time…even in my yard.  We live in a place where the weather is always different.  Sometimes it's too cold or too wet and my humans don't want to go outside.  I don't understand. Going outside is always a good idea.  I guess they just aren't as tough as me.  

When I was born it was cold and snowy out, so for a long time I didn't know that it was ok to go to the bathroom on anything but snow.  That was really hard when the snow started going away and there were only tiny little bits of it.  Since I'm super smart, I figured out that it was ok to go to the bathroom on the grass and the rocks (my yard is all rocks) too.    


Peanut butter and cheese are my favorite foods.  I'm not a big fan of the stuff they feed me every day (except when they get the expensive lamb stuff, that's my favorite).  Sometimes I like to dump out my food and put it in piles in the corner of my box.  That way my humans might think I ate my dinner and let me come out and play sooner and next time they might feed me more since they think I ate all my food the last time.  So far it hasn't worked.   


I like water, and I want to drink it all, but there's a lot of water out there.  When it's raining I like to try and catch all the raindrops.  When it's snowing I like to try and catch all the snowflakes. I also like to catch other things that fall from the sky, mostly leaves and bugs.   


I like to go for walks and runs.  It's really exciting to go places because you never know what you are going to find.  Sometimes we find moose, but mostly just people, dogs, and bikes.  Bikes are my favorite to bark at.  In the winter time skiers are fun to bark at too.  It makes me really mad when I bark at things and they don't do what I tell them to do.  

Photo May 16, 22 10 50

Sometimes I try and tell my humans things, but they don't understand what I am saying.  It's really hard because I understand what they are saying when they talk to me most of the time.  Sometimes if I understand enough and do what they say I get treats.   

Photo Jul 06, 20 44 35

My humans like to go away a lot.  If they only go away for a little bit, I have to stay at home in my box.  If they go away for a long time, I get to go play with other dogs.  It's really fun, so I like it when they go away for a long time.  I also like it when they come home because then we are all together.  Sometimes only one of my humans is gone.  That's hard because I like it better when they are all together.  I am always waiting for the other one to get home when just one is gone.  

Photo Jul 23, 17 43 28

I have lots of important jobs at home.  In the morning, it's my job to make sure that my humans get out of bed on time.  When their alarms go off, I make sure to jump on them so they don't stay in bed for too long. I'm responsible for keeping the kitchen floor clean.  I try and keep the counters clean too, but I get in trouble for that.  I also help load and unload the dishwasher.  I used to help more, but now I'm only allowed to supervise.  If I do a good job supervising, I get a treat.  When my humans are not at home I'm in charge of guarding the house.  If questionable characters walk too close to my yard or I hear funny noises, I bark to scare them off.  So far nothing bad has happened at home on my watch.   

Photo Jul 02, 14 22 56

So, as you can see I'm very smart and important.  And people tell me I'm cute too.  Sometimes I'm told that I'm lucky I'm cute because otherwise I would probably have to find a new home.  I don't really understand what that means, but I guess it makes me glad that I'm cute!